Creating a better classroom experience: On-site and virtual teaching techniques for conference interpreting trainers



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Centro de Desarrollo Turístico Costa Adeje
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Are you a conference interpreting trainer looking for fresh sources of inspiration in the classroom? Maybe you’d like to explore new horizons in online training? Or are you perhaps a professional interpreter interested in discovering your vocation as a teacher?
Whatever your background, in this intensive workshop, trainers Dick Fleming and Michelle Hof will guide you through a series of sessions designed to help you take your teaching to the next level.
  • Jueves 09:30 13:00
  • Jueves 14:30 18:00
  • Viernes 09:30 13:00
  • Viernes 14:30 18:00
  • Sábado 09:30 14:00
  • Richard Ian Fleming
  • Michelle Renee Hof
Metodología docente
The workshop, which will be held on the southern coast of the island of Tenerife, will cover a range of topics aimed at helping trainers build a better classroom experience, including:
- Organising effective interpreter training sessions
- Optimising classroom dynamics, feedback and assessment
- Principles of adult training and e-learning
- Best practice in face-to-face and online interpreter training
- Practical aspects of the virtual classroom
- Online and offline resources for interpreter trainers
The workshop will include discussions of the principles of on-site and virtual training as well as hands-on sessions where participants will be asked to apply their knowledge by planning and teaching lessons in both face-to-face and online classroom settings. The focus will be on addressing real-life issues faced in training, with participants asked to reply to a questionnaire in advance and bring along examples of classroom challenges for the group to address in a “doctor’s surger
Criterios de evaluación
There will be no formal assessment. A certificate of participation will be given at the end of the course to trainees who have attended all of the training sessions.
Antes de formalizar la matrícula se deberá hacer una preinscripción para que el equipo docente pueda comprobar la adecuación de el alumnado al curso.

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